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[D001] Visit works of Architects vol.1

World famous architecture!
Tokyo is a showcase of contemporary architecture


Tour Overview

Architecture is art! Tokyo is home to works of architects from around the world who have won the Pritzker Prize and the Nobel Prize for architecture. Ginza and Omotesando in particular are like an exhibition where famous architects compete against each other in an all out battle of skill. This tour plan takes you to a number of famous architectural works you would miss out on without this curated insight that provides you a taste of the buildings and the architects’ personalities. Tokyo is one of the only places in the world where you can see the work of so many famous architects in such a short time! For both architecture lovers and those who are not already, this is a tour plan that will make your visit to Tokyo worthwhile.

Tour Details

Plan ID
Plan Title
Modern Architecture vol.1
4 hours
Max. number of Participants
6 people
Possible Time Range
9 am – 5 pm
Visit Area
Omoteando, Ginza
Maison Hermes, Mikimoto Ginza No.2 Bldg., Wako, Nicolas G Hayec Center, La Collezione, Prada, Miumiu Aoyama, COMME des GARCONS, spiral, Kering Bldg., Omotesando Hills, Christian Dior Omotesando
English / French / Chinese
Guiding Fee
Travel & Admission costs
Adult(18-) ¥750 / Teens(13-17) ¥750 / Child(6-12) ¥390 / Infant(-5) ¥0
Adult(18-) ¥0 / Teens(13-17) ¥0 / Child(6-12) ¥0 / Infant(-5) ¥0
What’s included
Guiding fee, Public transportation expenses(except taxi fare) during the tour for guests & a guide, 10% consumption tax
What’s not included
Food and Drinks, Tips for a guide
Important Info
You can combine this tour with ‘D002 Visit works of Architects vol.2’ to make a one-day tour.
We view each building mainly from the outside.

Tour Highlights


  • Ginza Wako

  • Nicolas G Hiyek Center



  • Nezu museum

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Tour Location

Maison Hermes, Mikimoto Ginza No.2 Bldg., Wako, Nicolas G Hayec Center, La Collezione, Prada, Miumiu Aoyama, COMME des GARCONS, spiral, Kering Bldg., Omotesando Hills, Christian Dior Omotesando

Price Structure
  1. Total Tour price consists of Guiding fee, Travel & admission costs, and Activities.
    • 1) Guiding fees are flat rates depending on the tour duration. The number of your group does not affect them.
    • 2) Travel & admission costs are calculated based on the number/age of your participants and added to the total Tour price. Expenses for your tour guide (one adult) are added, too.
    • 3) Activities are also calculated based on the number/age of your participants and added to the total Tour price. Your guide’s expenses are NOT included.
  2. A 10% consumption tax is included in all prices.
  3. If you book two 4-hour tours on the same day, the guiding fee for the 2nd tour gets an approx. 40% discount (Yen28,000 → Yen17,000), so the total guiding fee is Yen45,000. Write down the title of your tour of choice in a field on your booking form.
Payment Terms
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    • 2) within 24 hours from when you receive the link to the invoice in case the tour is within a month.
    The Tour Agreement comes into effect upon we receive your payment.
Cancellation Policy

If you cancel the tour, you will get the refund below

Guiding fee Travel & Admiddion costs Activities
at least 30 days before the tour day 100% (fees charged by a payment service provider is deducted)
in the first 29-15 days before the tour day 50% 100% 100%
in the first 14days before to 5PM of the previous day of the tour no refund 100% 100%
after 5PM of the previous day of the tour or no show no refund

If we cancel the tour, you will get a full refund.
When you would like to cancel the tour, you must inform us of it by email or phone for our confirmation.

Tour FAQ’s

About ZENflow Tours

What is ZENflow Tours?
ZENflow Tours connects travelers to Japan with professional, licensed tour guides. All tours are private and flexible. You can experience the customs and cultures of Japan through activities and chat with local guides.
What is the relation between ZENflow Tours and ZENflow Planning LLC?
ZENflow Planning LLC is our legally registered company in Japan. ZENflow Tours is a brand name for the company’s tourism and hospitality business.
How do I know you are a legitimate company?
You can find ZENflow Planning LLC on the National Tax Agency’s Corporate Number Publication Site (https://www.houjin-bangou.nta.go.jp/en/index.html). Travel Agency’s registration list is available at the Bureau of Industrial and Labor Affairs Tokyo Metropolitan Government but only in Japanese.

About Tours

Does the tour include meals?
No. Food and drinks are not included in the tour price, and it is written expressly on the tour page’s ‘What’s not included.’
Does the tour include transportation fees?
Yes, public transportation (subway, train, and bus) fees depending on the number of your party are included in the tour price. Taxi fare is not included unless specified otherwise.
Does the tour include admission fees to the facilities?
Yes. If any admission fees are included, they are written expressly on the tour page’s ‘What’s included.’
Why does the tour price change after I input the number of group members?
Because our total tour price consists of a Guiding fee, Travel & admission costs, and Activities. Guiding fees are flat rates, but Travel & admission costs and Activities are calculated based on the number/age of participants and added to the total tour price. The tour guide’s travel and admission costs are also included in the tour price.
Can I amend the tour itinerary?
Yes, please request and propose the plan to your guide.

About Guides

What languages do ZENflow Tours tour guides speak?
The available languages are written expressly at ‘Language’ on the tour page.
How do I contact a guide?
Email is the principal contact method between you and your guide. After a guide is secured and the payment is completed, the guide will contact you at your email address. But suppose you and the guide agree on other ways of using WhatsApp or Messenger for convenience. In that case, you can use it, too.
Can I appoint a specific guide for a tour?
ZENflow Tours chooses a guide and assigns the guide to each customer. If you would like to appoint a specific person, please write your request in the ‘Any requests’ of your entry form. We cannot guarantee it but do our best to assign the guide.
A licensed guide attends your tours. What is the licensed guide?
National Government Licensed Guide Interpreter is Japan’s sole national qualification as a tour guide. They pass a national examination and periodically participate in the training courses organized by the government, so their qualifications are guaranteed. At ZENflow Tours, we only assign the holders of this qualification as our guide.
Do I need to tip my guide?
No. You do not need to tip your guide; it is not expected. However, the guide may accept a tip if offered. If you appreciate your guide’s service during the tour, showing your gratitude would be highly appreciated.

About Bookings/Payment

How to Book a Tour?
Step1 Go to your favorite tour page and click the red “BOOK NOW” button on the page.
Step2 Fill in a booking form with the necessary information and click “Submit.”
Step3 Check whether the information is correct, then click “Yes, I confirm.”
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Step5 Click the link and make payment with your credit card.
Step6 When the payment is completed, a guide will contact you by email. You can start a dialogue with the guide for detail about the tour.
After submitting my booking request, how long will I have to wait for the confirmation?
You will receive an email notification within 24 hours from ZENflow Tours, whether a guide is secured or not. Please make sure the email is not automatically stored in your trash can. When a guide is available, the email you will receive has a link to an invoice for the payment.
How to make a payment?
You can pay by Stripe (credit card) or PayPal. When a guide is secured for you, you will immediately receive an email with a link to the invoice. You can check your booking details to ensure everything is correct. Then enter your payment information to pay for your booking in the Stripe or PayPal payment platform.
What methods of payment do you accept?
Is my payment secure?
Yes, we do not receive your credit card or bank information. Besides, we are partnered with secured third-party payment service companies such as PayPal and Stripe.
What will happen after the payment?
When the payment is complete, you’ll receive the guide’s name and email address, and the guide will contact you by email as soon as possible. You can contact your guide directly before the tour starts.
Is it possible to change or add my booking after payment?
Yes, you can change or add your booking after payment. Don’t hesitate to contact ZENflow Tours customer support by email.
How can I book two tours in one day?
You can book two 4-hour tours on the same day. The recommended combinations are proposed in “Important Info” on the tour page. Please write your request in the ‘Any requests‘ of your entry form at a booking.
What shall I do if I cannot make it to the tour and cancel it? How do I cancel?
Please get in touch with ZENflow Tours customer support by phone or email immediately. All cancellations are processed accordingly based on our cancellation policy.
How are refunds processed, and how long does it take to receive the credit?
Once we approve your cancellation, the refunds will be sent back to the original payment method used in making the booking. They will be processed within 7 – 10 business days; however, posting times may differ depending upon the service agreement with your credit card provider.


Do you provide insurance to cover my tour?
All our tours are insured as stipulated by the Japanese travel laws. Still, we strongly recommend that each traveler purchases their travel insurance before vacation to ensure they are fully covered.
Can I book without registering ZENflow Tours?
Yes. Registration is not required to book our tours.
How do I ask a question before I book?
Don’t hesitate to contact ZENflow Tours customer support by clicking a contact button at the top right corner of the ZENflow Tours website.